Kosher Ingredients - Mamilla Los Angeles


Mamilla Los Angeles is an OK Certified Mediterranean restaurant and received its certification in early 2019. We welcome

everyone and look to serve and bring the best dining experience to the Los Angeles area. If you have any questions please reach out.

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Most Frequent Questions - Kosher

What is Kosher?

``The laws of kosher date back to the time of Moses, over 3300 years ago. They are very intricate and extensive, detailing which foods a Jewish person is permitted to eat, and the ways in which it may be prepared. Although the essential laws have not changed since they were given at Mount Sinai, their application to issues presented by current food processing technologies requires an expertise in both kosher law and modern food technology.``

Is Mamilla Kosher? and why?

We are. The kosher certificate confirms that a product is properly vetted and monitored. It also alerts customers to specific restrictions the product might have. Products are endorsed as kosher only when bearing the OK symbol on the label.

Is Mamilla the only Kosher restaurant?

Although we aren't the only kosher restaurant, we are amongst only a few that provide upscale mediterranean dining with OK certification.

Is it difficult to receive OK certification?

The certification process is lengthy and involves several steps.

Can I eat at Mamilla if I don't follow Kosher guidelines?

Absolutely, we welcome everyone to Mamilla. Being OK certified means our ingredients following certain rules when being prepared and served.

Where can I learn more about Kosher?

Please visit